White Undershirts

Men have been wearing white undershirts for many years. Undershirts act as the first defense line against stubborn pit stains. Apart from the nasty look of pit stains, they are also difficult to remove while washing dress shirts. Nevertheless, when you wear an undershirt with a v neck design, you can unbutton your top button or collar or even go tieless. This means that you will not sweat excessively or have stubborn stains to deal with on your dress shirt. Basically, an undershirt is an important piece of clothing that remains under your dress shirt but it serves a vital role of protecting your shirt.

Buy the right undershirts

It is important that you recall a few tips while purchasing undershirts. First, make sure that you gave purchased long undershirts so that they can stay tucked in from the morning until in the evening when you go back home. This is very important because short undershirts create a roll that pushes the shirt outwards. This is not only annoying but it also causes a distraction from the smooth lines of the body that the undershirt should create under the dress shirt. It is also crucial that you pay close attention to sleeves. Make sure that they are well fitting. Your legs should not fit through the undershirt and the undershirt should not extend out of the dress shirt or polo shirt. In addition, ensure that the undershirt is of the right size so that it can fit you properly. If your frame is small, avoid large or medium undershirts.

How to keep your undershirts looking white

Undershirts can be difficult to keep looking white if you do not know how to handle them. Sweat stains can ruin the beautiful look of your undershirts. However, you can deal with them by treating them once you notice them. You should run cold water through the entire affected area after removing the stain. Rub fabrics together. Acidity that is left by antiperspirant is washed away by cold water. It is advisable that you run the cold water over the stained area before yellowing appears to ensure that the armpits do not stain in laundry hamper. It is advisable that you avoid drying undershirts that have perspiration because the stain might be difficult to remove completely. To remove stubborn stains, use a white wash that will brighten the undershirts if they are dull. Vinegar can also help in whitening up the undershirts by removing yellow pitting.

Bonus tips

To prevent hardening of the yellow stains on undershirts, it is advisable that you wear your undershirt once and wash properly before wearing it again. While washing undershirts, avoid mixing them with other colored clothes because this can cause their discoloration. Additionally, use an antiperspirant that has low aluminum content. While applying antiperspirant or deodorant, make sure that you have applied a thin layer and let it dry before you wear a dress shirt.

Generally, you invest in white undershirts to ensure that you look great in every occasion. This guide from our underfit experts will enable you to achieve this goal.